Essential Tips to Prepare for SI Joint Surgery


Lower back pain is one of the leading conditions worldwide. While many people associate back pain with spine concerns, it is not always the case. Sometimes you could have back pain when your sacroiliac (SI) joint is not functioning normally. Essentially this joint connects the lower spine and your pelvis, thus supporting the weight of the upper body part. Also, this joint provides stability to your body when walking. Unfortunately, with SI joint concerns, it becomes difficult for this joint to bear your weight and maintain stability. In that case, you should consider San Bernardino SI joint surgery to get pain relief while restoring the functioning of the SI joint. Below are tips that will help you prepare for this procedure.

Ask Questions

Before the SI joint surgery, you could be anxious about what to expect during the procedure. List all the important questions and present them to the surgeon. For example, you can inquire how long this minimally invasive procedure will take. By getting answers from the specialists, you relieve the restlessness that you could have. Additionally, making inquiries before the procedure shows your surgeon you are committed to the operation’s success.

Eat Right

A few days after your operation, you should be mindful of what you eat. Do not load up your plate with unhealthy meals like pizza during this time. These meals can expose your body to inflammation and pain after the operation. Instead, eat nutritious meals like vegetables and fruits to boost your immune system. A stronger immune system will help prevent infections on the operated body parts, thus enhancing smooth recovery.

Review Your Medication

Are you under medications before your SI joint surgery? Be sure to disclose all the over-the-counter drugs and supplements you take to your surgeon. The specialist will assess the medications with the potential side effects. For example, if you take anti-inflammatory medications like aspirin, the surgeon will instruct you to suspend their intake. This way, you will minimize the risk of excessive bleeding during surgery.



While you may experience difficulties when exercising with back pain, you should always keep moving. Physical exercises are vital in strengthening the muscle around SI joints on days leading to surgery. Notably, the healthier and stronger muscles have better responsiveness to surgery trauma than weak muscles. Spare at least half an hour daily and engage in moderate physical activities such as walking. Work closely with your trainer to ensure that you exercise safely.

Stop Smoking

Smoking has many detrimental effects on the human body. For example, cigarette compounds can weaken the immune system. Consequently, you will experience poor wound healing after SI joint surgery. In addition, smoking can inhibit the capacity of bones to fuse after surgery. Therefore, if you smoke, you should suspend this habit weeks before and after the appointment. Steering away from smoking altogether will have other benefits for your health.

Are you planning for SI joint surgery? If yes, you have made a smart choice to improve the functioning of the SI joint while alleviating lower back pain. Although this surgery is less invasive, it is essential to prepare adequately. For example, you should ask important questions about the procedure. Eating healthy meals before the procedure will help to boost your recovery. Further, disclosing your medications to your surgeon is necessary to avoid potential side effects during and after surgery.

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