CBD Flower: The Fastest Way to Consume CBD


CBD flowers can confuse people into believing that it’s a weed which in reality is not the weed. You must be wondering if it looks like weed and even smells like weed then why is it not weed? This is a tricky question, but it all depends on you what you mean by weed. Indoor CBD flower is cannabis only, but it is not cannabis of the usual kind where it has maximum CBD content.  Because normal cannabis has the maximum THC content, but in CBD flowers it’s different.  This flower consumes the CBD in its most natural form where there is no processing, extraction, and no additives are used. CBD flowers have the highest bioavailability, and the effect of consuming them are experienced instantly. However, don’t forget CBD flowers with a THC content less than 0.3% is legal.

Types of CBD Flower

CBD flower is the same cannabis flower which has the same terpene along with cannabinoid content only bred is not THC but CBD as the name suggests. There four types of CBD flower for sale, and these are:

●Hemp Flower

It is even called a smokable hemp which is the only federally legal CBD Flower and is referred to those flowers where it has THC content less than 0.3%. If the question arises, what the difference between marijuana and hemp is, then you should know that marijuana has THC content higher than 0.3%.

So, it can be said that CBD flower strains which are below 0.3% are smokable hemp and you can order it freely. Learn more about The Fastest Way To Consume CBD at https://cbdjiaoyi.com/

●1:1 CBD: THC Flower

These strains are known to have an equal amount of CBD as well as the THC, which is mostly 60-80 mg per gram of both CBD and THC.

●CBD Dominant Flower

These flowers mostly have the CBD: THC ratio between 5:1 or 20:1, where the THC content is more than 0.3%.

●High-THC Low-CBD Flower

These Sativa strain bred have a higher amount of CBD than that of typical marijuana strain, but still, it is THC-dominant flower bred. Marijuana strain rarely has 2-3% CBD, but these strains have 3-6% of CBD with THC content to be moderate or high.

Advantages of Consuming CBD Flower

It is well known that CBD is consumed faster and efficiently through smoking, so you can say that smoking CBD flowers is the most effective way of consuming CBD.

●Smoking Indoor CBD Flower Will Let You Consume More CBD

You can say that CBD flowers will offer you a hefty dose of good smoking stuff so that you can consume it efficiently by smoking it. Say, for instance, the typical CBD beverage will contain 10-25 mg CBD in it whereas CBD pre-rolls have 70 mg of CBD.

●CBD Flower Means Unprocessed

People at times overlook this factor that since CBD flower is unprocessed, that is why it has more benefit of smoking the flower rather than consuming CBD oils, edibles, beverages and tinctures. You have to extract CBD from the hemp to make CBD oil and the tinctures. Even the CBD vape juices contain additives, but CBD flowers are unprocessed and do not require extraction and processing.

●  Absorb Faster

CBD Flower gets absorbed faster into the human system and will offer you instant effect. CBD in other hemp products has to pass through the liver or any other organ before reaching the brain but smoking CBD flowers will reach directly to your lung that is connected directly to the brain.

Be it outdoor or indoor CBD flowers both will give you the same effect, but there may be slight variation in the quantity. So, if you are looking for getting high instantaneously, then you should get CBD flowers.

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