Are You Suffering From The Loss Of One, Or Several Teeth?


If you are an individual who is suffering from one, several, or possibly even a whole row of missing teeth within the mouth, then you may wish to receive Sheen Dental implants in Richmond. Dental implants are deemed as the best form of tooth replacement within the field of restorative dentistry and essentially strive to not only restore the function of the tooth but also look aesthetically fantastic too. 

Are dental implants right for you?

If you are suffering from missing teeth and are experiencing discomfort when attempting to drink, eat, and brush your teeth normally then you may wish to receive implant dentistry. Dental implants essentially consist of three aspects (the implant itself, the abutment, and the porcelain crown), all of which strive to prevent the erasing of years worth of orthodontic work, in addition to eliminating the development of a lisp. Despite dental implants rising in popularity within the field of dental care, many patients may be unsure of what to expect from the treatment process and the healing period. 

Will the treatment be uncomfortable?

Many patients may understandably be nervous prior to their dental implant appointment, especially for those individuals who have never received serious dental work previously. Despite these concerns, however, dental implants are always administered under a local anesthetic as this ensures the patient experiences minimal discomfort throughout the entire treatment process, whilst having the option of alternative forms of sedation. 

How long will my dental implants take to heal?

Many patients may wish to receive their new smile in time for a special event (whether this be work, or social) however dental implants may take from anywhere between three to nine months to heal. Despite this healing time, the porcelain crown itself can be attached to the abutment as little as three months after the implants are fitted – this ensures the patient can start to feel confident, and more like themselves, in no time at all!

How long will my dental implants last?

Many patients may wish to know the answer to the question, and rightly so! Dental implants could be considered as a substantial financial investment by many individuals, it is therefore important that this form of tooth replacement is made to last a prolonged period of time within the mouth. It is always important to remember that each individual dental case varies greatly. With this in mind, therefore, the durability may be affected by the way in which the dental implants are looked after post-treatment. Despite these individual differences, however, as a general rule dental implants can last for longer than ten years; this ensures the patient is making a worthwhile investment in not only their physical appearance but also their oral health.

What are the benefits of receiving dental implants?

Dental implants not only look fantastic within the mouth, however, they also hold a multitude of other benefits in regards to the health of the patient’s smile! Missing teeth can unfortunately be a breeding ground for oral bacteria. Dental implants can therefore stop this accumulation, in turn preventing the development of oral diseases and infections. 

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