Are Compression Sleeves or Gloves Effective?


Rheumatoid arthritis begins in the hands. It is basically a chronic inflammatory disease that leads to pain, joint stiffness and swelling, and impaired hand function. People suffering from this disease may find it difficult to complete day-to-day activities. Doctors recommend compression gloves or sleeves to people struggling with this disease. Similarly, those suffering from other types of injuries and perhaps loss of hand function after a stroke can also benefit from the use of compression gloves/sleeves.

Are Compression Sleeves/Gloves Effective?

Compression sleeves and gloves create graduated pressure in the arm and/or hand to reduce swelling (edema), fluid retention, and pain. They are effective if they are worn properly and for the right duration of time, which is normally 6-8 hours. Their effectiveness is also dependent on the fabric that is used to manufacture them. If the fabric is elastic and breathable then they are more likely to be effective. Another factor that determines the effectiveness is the pressure level. Low-pressure levels are generally less effective.

The compression in the sleeve helps reduce swelling and applies pressure which is needed to improve the flow of lymph fluids. Compression increases the ability of your muscles to pump efficiently, which encourages lymph flow. Graduated compression also puts pressure on blood vessels, which adds oxygen and helps in circulation. In addition, these sleeves and gloves regulate body temperature, protect the skin, prevent muscle soreness, and even assist injuries to heal quicker. They provide support and also offer protection from harmful bacteria and infection. These sleeves/gloves can also help with muscle recovery but in order for this to happen, they need to be worn extremely tightly which can, sometimes, make it uncomfortable to wear them for long durations.

The gloves, in particular, help maintain and restore hand function, improve the range of motion of the wearer’s hand, reduce pain, and improve dexterity. They are easy to slip on and off and provide comfort to the wearer while preventing soreness and swelling. Given that they provide all these benefits, they aid your performance during sports and provide you with protection against injuries.

Doctor Arthritis

At Doctor Arthritis, a team of doctors and professionals have worked for the past few years to develop a series of copper-infused products which help relieve symptoms of patients suffering from arthritis.

The copper compression gloves and copper compression sleeves are an efficient, non-invasive solution to help relieve joint and muscular pain in the hands, knees, elbows, ankles, and calves due to arthritis. They have been developed with extreme care towards our patients.

Everyone deserves to have a comfortable lifestyle and enjoy life to its fullest. So if you or someone you know is looking for copper infused compression for arthritis, then ordering compression sleeves or gloves from Doctor Arthritis is the right choice. Invest in these handy gloves/sleeves to help relieve your symptoms and gain various benefits as soon as possible!

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