5 Tips for Preventing Hammer Toes From Worsening


Are you one of the many people dealing with hammertoe pain? This condition affects one or more toe joints, causing them to bend downward. Over time, the muscles and tendons in your toe may become so weak that they can no longer straighten your toe. If not treated, hammertoe pain will only worsen and might not respond to non-surgical treatments. It can develop for several reasons, including wearing tight shoes, bunions, arthritis, or injury to the toe. Consider a more advanced Huntsville hammertoes treatment if your condition has severely progressed. Here are six tips to keep your hammertoes from worsening.

1. Wear the Right Shoes

One of the most important things you can do to prevent your hammertoe from worsening is to wear the right shoes. Shoes that are too tight or have high heels often take up room for your toes to move and flex, worsening the pain associated with hammertoe. It is best to look for shoes with a wide-toe box and low heels. 

Also, wearing shoes that fit properly and do not cause your toes to bunch up or rub against each other is important. For extra cushion and support, you can buy special padding or arch supports that make wearing shoes more comfortable. Additionally, if you have to stand for long periods, consider wearing shoes with shock-absorbing insoles to reduce pressure on your toes.

2. Exercise Your Toes

Regularly stretching and strengthening your toes can help reduce pain associated with hammertoe and prevent it from worsening. Some simple exercises include picking up objects with your toes, creating circles with your feet and toes, or simply stretching your feet up and down. 

You can also purchase special toe separators, which can be placed between the toes to keep them from rubbing against each other and causing further irritation. Additionally, regular foot massages can help stimulate circulation and reduce toe pain. These exercises take little time and require no equipment, so you can do them at home or work.

3. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Excess weight puts extra strain on the feet and can contribute to the development of hammertoes. It causes the joints and tissues in your toes to become stressed and damaged over time. 

Maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce this pressure and prevent further damage to your feet and toes. If you are obese, consult your doctor to keep your weight healthy to lower your risk of developing or worsening your hammertoes.

4. See a Podiatrist

See a podiatrist if your hammertoe is causing significant pain or discomfort or if you’re having difficulty walking or standing. They can provide professional evaluation and treatment options. Depending on the severity of your condition, they can recommend customized treatments, such as orthotics, splints, or surgery, to help prevent your hammertoe from worsening.

Your podiatrist can also monitor the progression of your hammertoe and prevent further complications by providing ongoing care and treatment.

5. Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels

Managing your blood sugar levels can help prevent hammertoes. Diabetes can cause nerve damage and poor circulation in your feet, which can increase your risk of developing hammertoes. High blood sugar levels can also lead to inflammation and damage to the joints and tissues in your toes.

By managing your blood sugar levels through a healthy diet, regular exercise, and appropriate medication or insulin therapy, you can reduce the risk of nerve damage and circulation problems in your feet. This can help prevent the development of hammertoes and other foot problems.

Hammertoes can be a painful and uncomfortable condition that significantly impacts your quality of life. However, following these steps can reduce your risk of developing hammertoes and prevent them from worsening if you already have them. 

It is important to prioritize foot care and seek professional medical advice when needed to ensure the best possible outcomes. Also, taking action early by seeking treatment as soon as you notice symptoms of hammertoes can help keep them from worsening.

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