5 Natural Ways To Boost Hair Growth


Our nature is abundant of exotic ingredients that can be really helpful for healthy hair and skin. There is absolutely no shortage of exotic oils and flowers made from natural ingredients. The shampoos or hair packs or hair mask made of natural ingredients are not only good for your hair strength, but it enhances the health level of your hair scalp as well as hair strand from within.

Home-made ingredients are always better than the chemically infused products in the beauty product factories. What if we say we know a perfect place, where you can buy all-natural products, made from hand-picked organic ingredients, for your hair & scalp health!?

This is no lie but only the truth!

Grab the opportunity brought up by Tjori, a place where you can buy the best natural products to boost your hair growth.

Here is a collective list of products to enhance your hair beauty naturally:

Curry Leaves & Hibiscus Hair Growth Oil

Curry leaves are known as the best source of beta carotene that helps controlling hair loss and to promote regrowth of hair. So, if you are experiencing hair loss or thinning of hair density, you should give it a try. This hair growth oil comes with hibiscus, which helps to add lustre and prevent premature greying of hair.

Bhringraj Keratin Hair Growth Boosting Shampoo

Bhringraj is known for various benefits in Ayurveda. It is great for the health of hair and thus many Ayurvedic shampoos have this ingredient at the forefront.

Give this anti-hair-fall bhringraj shampoo a try. This shampoo is absolutely free from SLS & Parabens, which are primary factors leading to hair loss, greying of hair & hair dullness.

Hair Re-Growth Bentonite Clay Pack 

This hair pack is packed with the goodness of Rosemary, Bentonite clay and thyme herbs. Let’s count its benefits:

  • Unclogs hair follicles
  • Prevents greying
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Cleanses the scalp

Don’t hesitate and give this elixir a try!

Aromatic Hair Growth Oil

Massage this Ayurvedic oil with a wide-tooth comb on your scalp and let its goodness penetrates deep into the layers of your scalp to give the quintessential nourishment.

This hair growth oil is rich in vitamins, that promote hair length, strength and density.

Ayurvedic Gotu Kola Hair Pack

Do you know Gotu Kola is a magical herb that though grows near swampy areas but possesses stunning hair growth and strengthening properties?

Try this amazing hair mask to get the amazing results within a few days as it strengthens your hair follicles and nourishes the scalp.

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