5 Common Misconceptions about STD Online Testing


The lack of privacy in STD services, unfortunately, discourages several people from seeking STI tests. Furthermore, there is still the stigma and embarrassment when it comes to testing for STIs. It’s for this reason, among others, that health services like STD check are now providing STD online testing as a way of boosting privacy and encouraging more people to take regular tests and save their lives too.

Nevertheless, no test is impervious to misconceptions, and STD online testing is no exception. To keep you on the loop, here are the common misapprehensions about online STI testing.

1.They Only Offer Basic Testing

The fact that online STD testing breaks the decades-long norm of clinic testing does not mean that you can only test for primary and commonly known STDs such as HIV, gonorrhea, and syphilis. With online services, you can access both basic and comprehensive tests. You can opt to test for one or three diseases or even purchase a complete package that includes tests for more than nine STIs. So, test limitation is nothing to worry about when seeking service on the internet.

2.No Need For Online Testing If You Use Protection

It’s a fact that consistent use of protection during sexual intercourse is a fundamental step of being responsible for your health. The use of protection is also a sure way to exclude you from 50% of patients diagnosed with an STD. Nevertheless, it’s important to understand that you can contract an STI via other means rather than sex. For instance, skin-to-skin contact and contact with body fluids such as saliva have been proven to spread plenty of STDs. So, even if you use protection, online testing will give you actual information about your sexual health.

3.You Are Left Hanging When The Results Are Out

What happens when you test positive for an STD? Typically, you will access counseling and treatment immediately from your clinic of choice. This may get you thinking that online STD test provider will leave you hanging with no professional to turn to for counseling and treatment. A well-reputed online testing service will refer you to a local specialist for after-test services. Some services also have doctors who will prescribe therapy and have your medication sent to a pharmacy of your choice. Others will leave you in the wind, and it’s best to carry out thorough research before enrolling for services from a particular provider.

4.Results Are Always Accurate

You ought to be careful when seeking STD online testing. The results are not always precise as many people would have wished for the more privacy-enhancing service. Always strive to look for a reputable provider to minimize the risk of incorrect results.

5.You can test for STD online with health insurance

This is false. Without a doubt, you pay less when you check for STD at a clinic with health insurance. However, your results will be available to your insurance company and its affiliates. The results will also be availed to the Medical Information Bureau (or MIB) database.

Accordingly, your insurance company may use the information to increase your coverage in the future. It’s for this reason that online testing providers prohibit their customers from paying with insurance.


STD online testing serves to take away the stigma and embarrassment associated with clinic testing. The provider will send you a home testing kit after which you send it back to them for analyses of your blood or urine sample. Some providers will also request you to visit their labs for sample collection. Well, the service is not free of misconceptions. Hopefully, with the above guide, you are now ready to seek online STD test services while armed with accurate information.

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