3 Of The Many Benefits Of Having a Family Dentist In The UK.


It starts from a very early age when we are told by our parents to take care of our teeth. We start brushing them the moment we get our first teeth and we are taught how to best brush them and for how long. Fluoride tooth paste is the norm now and there are less and less cavities being reported each year. Nonetheless, it is still important to take care of your teeth and go for a check-up at least once a year. Generally, most of us just need a good clean and we are good to go, but occasionally we need a filling or a tooth extraction and this is when you need a good dentist who will make your time there comfortable.

Finding an affordable dentist in Croydon is a little difficult but they are out there and they offer a fantastic family service that everyone should take advantage of. Here are some of the benefits of family dentistry.

  1. If the whole family goes to the same dentist, then genetic trends can be seen and acted upon quickly. If you have an issue with your teeth and your kid starts to show similar trends, then your dentist can take action now to stop it from happening.
  2. If you had to take each member of the family to a different dentist, that would be a complete nightmare. It would waste a lot of time and money travelling from one dentist to another. Pick one and the whole family can go on the same day.
  3. Your kids see you going to the dentist as well and this takes away any apprehension that they may have had.

Be sure to get regular check ups with your dentist and practice a policy of prevention so you don’t lose any teeth.







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