Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Sports Medicine Doctor


Physical activities are indispensable for your overall health. Exercise helps to boost blood circulation, which is ideal for your body tissues. Additionally, these activities are integral in improving the flexibility and strength of your joints. Nevertheless, whether you participate in competitive sports or body fitness exercises, you risk developing injuries. They can be in the form of bone fractures or sprains in your ligaments and muscles. These injuries can interfere with your mobility, thus lowering your performance. Thanks to the sports medicine Medford, you can now get physical therapy services that help you treat your sports injuries. Here are the factors you should consider when selecting the right sports medicine doctor.


Your primary care provider has a network of many specialists. Before choosing a sports medicine doctor, contact your primary care physician for referrals. You can also seek recommendations from your relatives and friends. After getting the referrals, narrow the list by researching the doctor’s credentials. Call each sports medicine doctor and schedule an appointment with them.


The gender of a sports medicine doctor is a practical matter when choosing the provider. You do not want to pick a doctor whose gender makes you uncomfortable when discussing personal information. Your gender is also important since, recently, sport medicine physicians specialize in treating specific gender. Ask the doctor about their recent training in addressing your sports injury.

Communication Style

When it comes to seeking sports medicine services, your information needs are a practical matter. Therefore, you should choose a physician who makes decisions without compromising your information needs. During your first appointment, ask the potential doctor some questions and see how well they respond. Do they answer questions in a way that you understand? Pick a doctor who explains complex concerns thoroughly.

Patient’s Reviews

You are likely not the first individual to receive physical therapy from the physician of your interest. Therefore, you should take your time and read what other clients have to say about the sports medicine provider. You will get these reviews from the doctor’s online platforms. Pick the physicians whose previous patients respond positively to the sport medicine services.

Sports Medicine Physician Experience

When addressing sport-related health concerns, the provider’s experience is a practical matter. The more physician experience, the more chances you have to get a better result after treatment. Therefore, you should ask about the number of patients that the doctor has treated with a similar condition that you have. If you need a specific procedure, you should evaluate the procedures the physician conducted.

Insurance Coverage

Cost is an important consideration when choosing any health provider. You do not want to incur huge expenses on physical therapy services. Therefore, you should visit your insurance company before choosing a sports medicine provider. The customer care desk will give you the list of clinics and sports medicine providers in your network. This measure will help avoid the hassle when picking the physician that participates in your plan.

Individuals participating in exercises or sports are at greater risk of injuries. These injuries can sideline the players, thus lowering their contribution to the team. That is why it is good to have a sports medicine doctor to turn to whenever you have sports injuries. When choosing a physician, you should get a referral from your primary care doctor. Schedule a consultation with potential sport medicine doctors to evaluate their communication style. It would also help to pick the doctor whose gender you feel comfortable with when addressing personal information.

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