All You Need to Know About EAP in Singapore


Everyone needs stability in their life, and so do employees! They lay the foundation of an organisation. The consistent demand to achieve annual targets affect the mental health of the workforce. The unprecedented competition among the corporate giants compels the administration to concentrate on the mental wellness of their employees. The growing mental health problems among employees are alarming. Thus, the Employee Assistance Program or EAP is the need of the hour.

The success of a company or a nation depends on the physical and psychological well-being of the population. The communities who are aware of this fact have the happiest population, and Singapore is one such nation.

Singapore is the rising sun of south-east Asia that has topped the list of happiest nations in the world. It is a beautiful island city-state and the most important juncture of global trade. The island comprises strategic headquarters of thousands of multinational companies, providing services throughout Asia and worldwide. And this corporate environment of the country demands attention. Thus, the government and organisations mutually started to give support to their staff on the issue of mental health.

This support has come in the form of EAP Singapore offers that works to cover all the employees within the geographical area. The government grants support to such programs throughout the nation. Moreover, it is not for the giant sectors only to extend the mental health awareness, but even some of the smallest organisations are trying to feature EAP benefits for their employees.

EAP Singapore: Meaning and Benefits

Anyone availing EAP in Singapore gets emotional assistance for any personal or work-related issues that may have been affecting their performance and mental well-being. It helps to maintain the work-life balance of the individual as an employee through counselling and consulting. The program offers confidential support that helps in resolving various issues such as mental stress, financial issues, personal or even physical problems. It has also extended benefits and services covers for employee’s dependents.

Researchers have shown a direct correlation of mental instability that reduces the performance and productivity level of the employee. Every organisation thus should have suitable outlets for existing employees to address their mental concerns. This will mitigate anxiety and work stress, leading to a positive work atmosphere in Singapore. Some important aspects covered under the EAP programs in Singapore are-

  • Workplace Conflicts
  • Financial and Legal Counselling
  • Addiction, Alcohol or Substance Abuse
  • Personal and Family Issues
  • Grief Assistance
  • Healthcare
  • Mental and Emotional Issues

Types of Employee Assistance Programs in Singapore

Now that the importance of EAP in the workplace is understood, here are the few types of it-

Internal Programs

It facilitates the administration to hire in-house counsellors. Large organisations in Singapore with an enormous workforce mainly use internal programs, and this also reduces the dependency of management on any third party. However, internal programs lack efficiency compared to external programs. The main reason for this is that employees are anxious about their privacy.

Outsourced or External Programs

These types of programs are contract-based. It is a legal contract between the company’s management and the EAP provider. The program offers a toll-free number through which employees can connect with the counsellors. The provider verifies the details of the employee and suggests a suitable resource depending on the employee’s location.

Blended Programs

These types of programs offer employees both in-house counsellors and external resources. It is suitable for those organisations that have a small or large workforce expanded over different geographical locations.

Despite various challenges, EAP in Singapore continues to prosper at both levels, local and as well as multinational. In such a diverse nation, any individual availing EAP in Singapore continues to demonstrate the potential to adapt to changes and produces promising results.

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